Why Symtavision?

Company Profile

Symtavision provides the leading timing analysis solution for planning, optimizing and verifying embedded real-time systems. We have a vast amount of expertise from projects and from tool user feedback at many OEMs and suppliers world-wide in automotive and other embedded industries. Our customers develop the next generation of embedded products, and availability of tested tools and on-site expertise are critical for their success. We complement our tools with engineering expertise. We are able to deploy our leading technical specialist globally on short notice. We empower our customers to maximize the benefits of timing analysis by offering the right consulting expertise, applications engineering, resident engineering, workshops and trainings. Our support is highly effective and deals with any customer request in a professional and timely fashion.

We complement our leading expertise with the most complete tools portfolio in the market, covering the three dimensions which are crucial for real-time system development success:

  • Design phase and verification phase (left V and right V)
  • ECUs / controllers, networks and their system-level integration
  • Mathematical worst-case analysis and simulation-based typical-case analysis

Please read the products section of our website to learn more about our tools.