Workshops & Trainings

We organize and execute workshops and trainings anywhere in the world. Trainings are hands-on with focus on tools capabilities and best-practices, integration and automation. Workshops focus on methodology and are geared toward deriving processes and approaches. Trainings are also executed by our Regional partners.

Maintenance & Support

Customers enrolled in our global Maintenance & Support program enjoy two major tools releases per year (around March and October), and typically one minor release in-between majors. All tools innovations and extensions are driven by customer and market requirements.

Our software-development is organized according to the agile process SCRUM. We manage a global requirements list, which we break down into 14-day software development ‘sprints’. This means that we can consider new customer requirements on a 14-day basis. We regularly communicate our status and roadmap with our customers.

The final sprints before a release are fully dedicated to integration and testing. Therefore, our tool releases meet or exceed expectations from day one, and do not need to ‘ripen at the customer’.

Our global Maintenance & Support program includes email, phone, and desktop-sharing support. On-site support in Germany and USA can be arranged through us. In our other focus regions France, Italy, UK, Japan, China, and South Korea, on-site support can be arranged through our Regional partners. Please contact us directly if you require on-site support in other regions.