System Performance

The development of next-generation embedded systems entails significant architecture and timing challenges, due to:

  • Growing number and complexity of individual functions (automotive examples include advanced driver assist functions, hybrid powertrain control ...)
  • More distributed functions (e.g. sensor data fusion, regenerative breaking …)
  • Higher degree of integration of hundreds of functions onto powerful, multi-processor / multi-core ECUs (e.g. body domain controller, chassis domain controller, central gateway …)

·    Symtavision specializes in solving the resulting architecture and timing challenges:

  • Engineering the function timing requirements
  • Decomposition of high-level timing requirements into “local constraints”
  • Optimizing the E/E architecture
  • Allocating (sub)functions to ECUs
  • Avoiding computation and communication resource conflicts due to overlapping functions, transient overload, or special scenarios like diagnosis or flashing
  • Ensuring that resources are available to execute the most critical functions safely, and the lesser functions with the highest possible confidence
  • Identifying the best ECU and Network integration solutions
  • Determining the resulting reserves